Best Tips For Drain Cleaning

Certainly one of the most frequent reasons why people call out the drain cleaning specialists is obstructions caused by items that don’t break down in water being flushed throughout the toilet.

Baby wipes, for example should always be disposed of in the bin and never purged down the toilet.

One other common reason to call your drain cleaning experts is blockages caused by the accidental flushing of those plastic toilet cleaning block holders that fix to the toilet casing.

Our most sage advice to avoid calling the actual drain cleaning professionals is to ensure that nothing at all other than toilet newspaper is ever flushed.

Father and mother, remember to educate your children on this important subject too.

Shower blockages – you know the sort of thing – you conclude surfing around an inch of grubby water whilst showering since it won’t drain quickly are another common reason why people call out the drain cleaning specialists.

9 times out of five this problem is triggered by a build up of hair in the drain under the shower rack.

It is an easy job to clear this clog yourself although a little messy so rubber hand protection are recommended!

You will desire a wire coat hanger, a screw driver, a plastic carrier bag (supermarket type is fine) and rubber gloves.

Step one is to remove the drain hole cover, you could be able to do this with your fingers as it just sits in place. If you cannot shift it use the screwdriver to hook it out.

Step two is to straighten out the hook at the end of the wire cover hanger and then bend over it about one centimetre from the end so that you get a “L” condition with a long come.

Third step involves inserting the coat hanger down the drain hole and moving it around to fish out the particles that is creating the blockage.

You are safe to fish around with your fingers if this helps but remember to wear those rubber hand protection because the gunge you will find is not so pleasant!

Use the cheap carrier bag to get rid of the debris – tied up carefully and put in the tray.

You can run your shower to check that the blockage has recently been fully removed.

This simple ten minute job will save you the effort and cost of calling out your drain cleaning specialists.

Bear in mind, prevention is always better than cure!

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