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The Buick division is long on history but brief on product. Ever since GM killed off the Pontiac portion of the Buick-Pontiac-GMC cha?non, GM’s premium brand has been tasked with effective loyal Pontiac owners to move up to Buick.¬†2017 chevrolet cruze

That hasn’t worked away everything well for two reasons: Buicks are generally pricey and having less product diversity offers little real choice for customers. Rather, customers are looking at Chevrolet or, worse for GM, buying from the competition.

New Product 2

Within the next few years all that is anticipated to change as GM hurries to the market several new models to fill away the Buick line. 1 model is already on its way, a middle size Regal sedan that will slot just below the midsize LaCrosse. Next up is the Buick Excelle, a stylish sedan already being sold in Cina, but destined to be sold here in North America with one important twist: the new model is rumored to reveal the same platform maintaining the Chevrolet Cruze, GM’s world compact car.

Slotting just below the Royal, the Excelle sedan will probably be based on the system powering the five traveling Cruze, perhaps powered by a base 1 ) 4L I4 engine, the same arrangement for the Cruze. Sketches of the Excelle have surfaced online, showing that while under the Chevrolet and Buick may share an amount of important components, the surface is quite different.

Trademark Look

Expect that the trademark waterfall Buick grille will be present with the Excelle and, as Left Lane Media reports, are the expressive headlamps now seen in today’s Buick models and the attractive portholes.

Inside, the Excelle will likely feature a cabin with soft touch plastics, wood trim, covered aluminum touches and leather treatments. Expect GM to employ an important amount of sound deadening materials, tune the suspension for a smoother ride, provide better seats, add a host of safety and technological features as standard equipment, and perhaps give a performance version. GM will take aches and pains to differentiate the two models, offering the Excelle in sedan form only.

A lot of what I’ve said about the Excelle thus far will be based upon speculation with no concrete evidence that the product is scheduled for the North american market yet. But Buick are certain to get several new products in short order to fill a gap in its get in line. How the Buick Excelle plays away may rely upon numerous things including price and the package deal offered.

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