Northern Thailand Travel Tips

To what extent do I require in the north?

Numerous individuals ask me to what extent they require in the North – my own answer would be ‘it would never be sufficiently long!’ My first visit to Thailand 4 years back was toward the North, and I have been living here for as long as 2 years. For those confined to a travel plan however, no less than 2 days is expected to cover the fundamental touring of Chiang Mai (the capital of the North) in spite of the fact that you could spend a week and not have secured all that the city and it’s encompasses brings to the table. In the event that you need to investigate the wide open past Chiang Mai a prescribed 3 days is expected to completely acknowledge Chiang Rai region, and a further 5 days for Mae Hong Son. hua hin taxi download-28

What is the best time of year to go?

Winter in Thailand is from November – February, which is likewise the tourism high season here. Voyagers want to come amid these months as the temperature is marginally cooler, it is likewise the best climate for trekking. While numerous individuals keep away from stormy season (May-Sep), there are points of interest – this is the point at which the fields and nature are at their most lavish green. More often than not the downpour will come in short spurts, it doesn’t rain intensely throughout the day. Mid year (March-April) is the most exceedingly terrible time to come, when temperatures take off to mid-late 30’s. This is additionally when ranchers smolder the fields, so air quality is awful and perceivability of the mountain sees conceal by smoke. Note that costs for some things, for example, tours,accommodation,flights are much higher amid high season, so it can be less expensive to go in the low season.

Is it prescribed for children?

Northern Thailand is an incredible goal for children, in reality it offers something for all ages. Delicate enterprise and outside exercises, nature and creatures are certain to keep the children entertained while open doors for social investigation together as a family can an improving knowledge for all.


Most major to moderate size towns in the North are very much associated by neighborhood transport courses, so its conceivable to get around by transport, however to investigate remote ranges and little towns then you will require your own vehicle. In a portion of the more created and touristic towns there will be motorbikes for contract, in the event that you need to employ an auto it is best to do as such from Chiang Mai.

Goals in hilly or more remote zones, won’t have any type of transport so it’s fitting to have your own particular transport here as well. Nearby transports come in 2 classes – aerated and cooled or fan. Air con transports are marginally more costly however worth paying the additional baht for as they have more extra space and seating is more extensive. Overnight transports in Thailand are extremely agreeable, seats lean back to around 150 degrees with enough room to breathe for the normal stature individual. The main things to look out for are the aerating and cooling which they tend to put on high and karaoke melodies which they get a kick out of the chance to keep you entertained with at high volume.

Travel Style

There are different ways you can go around Northern Thailand – autonomous travel, bunch bundle visits, or something in the middle of, for example, a private visit. Which one you choose will rely on upon how you get a kick out of the chance to travel and your financial plan. Free travel (the least expensive structure) is clearly for the individuals who don’t care to be limited and want to investigate independent from anyone else, ordinarily done by explorers on a low spending plan. The ruins can be that while you may cover numerous ranges with an open calendar, your travel experience will be simply observatory, you won’t think about the significance and society behind spots without the information of a neighborhood guide. Bundle visits are for the individuals who feel less great investigating a spot all alone and like to have everything pre-arranged, the hindrance being that each viewpoint (lodgings, transport, agenda) is settled including the measure of time you can spend at a sight, not useful for those that don’t prefer to be hurried. A private visit joins the best of both autonomous and bundle go in that you can tailor the agenda to what you need to see and do, without the confinements of a settled calendar, essentially you are the supervisor.

Your outing to Northern Thailand could consolidate a blend of styles, for instance for visitor ranges, for example, Chiang Mai city which are anything but difficult to get around by with open transport where a great deal of the attractions have clarifications in English then an aide and private transport is not required. For touring in distant Chiang Mai (experience exercises, national parks, waterfalls and sanctuaries) you might need to think about employing as a taxi or melody tiaw for a day. At that point for outings to the field past Chiang Mai, which are not all that effortlessly done on open transport you could procure an auto, driver and aide for a visit.


Northern Thailand offers an astonishing exhibit of lodgings and guesthouses from spending explorer to 5 star boutique inns. On the off chance that touching base amid low season it is not important to book previously, in spite of the fact that you may improve rates in the event that you book on the web. Numerous lodgings in Chiang Mai can be found on online inn booking operators. In provincial parts most inns/guesthouses (unless they are top of the line settled ones) are not accessible on any of the online inn booking operators, you may be fortunate on the off chance that they even had their own particular site, so a telephone reservation is the most ideal way. Amid high season and any national occasions booking already is prompted as spots get full before long.

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