SOS Online Backup Vs IBackup

Cloud Storage Comparison Challenge

IBackup is a really good choice for an online backup and cloud safe-keeping company, nonetheless they incorporate some really stiff competition. HELP has really made a strong name for themselves and is taking the online backup world by storm. Their affordable costs and high quality features have brought them customers from all over the place. There are a few things they own done particularly well, particularly in assessment to a company like IBackup. Dr Fone Serial

The Features

HELP features:

– Special prices on occasion

– Portable access available via i phone and Android

– Armed forces level encryption software available

– State of the art data centers keep data safe

IBackup features:

– Can use with your iPhone or other iOS enabled device

– Accidental file recovery available for thirty days

– Setup Wizards there to help setup appropriately the first time

– Activity details available to be viewed online

The Reliability

256 – bit security software is the tools of preference for both IBackup and SOS, and for good reason. This is exactly what banks use, and what some parts of armed forces installations decide on as well. It has recently been proven to be one of the most secure versions of encryption software available on the market today. Even though it is so readily available, it is practically impossible to break. While you can schedule when backups arise and put security limitations on different accounts, all your information is as safe as it may possibly be.

The Storage Size

The amount of space you get with SOS is much distinct from what you can get with IBackup, and so is the charges. You should you should consider your budget and try and get a decent idea how much space you will need each month or year before putting your signature on up with either, because they don’t offer infinite storage. It’s always far better to overestimate on this, because having too much space will be better than not having enough and either having to pick and choose precisely what is backed up or paying an overage fee.

The Customer/Tech Support

While IBackup has a whole collection packed with information concerning their product and services, you might not exactly have enough time to wade through the whole thing to find the answer you are looking for. They will may have an email address available too, and a product demo that may answer more simple questions, but after a point it just will not have any answers for you. SOS has created numerous video tutorials that show step-by-step how to fix any scenarios that you may come across, and they also have extended hours in their customer service department to answer the phones.

The Winner

SOS is the better range of cloud back up company over IBackup. Their very own technical support is far more useful and helpful, and the video tutorials are great. They only have a handful of storage options, but the smaller list can make it much much easier to come to a decision. Lots of options usually just confound people and make it much more complicated to come to make a decision that should be simple.

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